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Counseling4u has a team of counsellors available to offer clients a range of therapies and we can cater for clients who express a preference for a Male or Female counsellor. We can also consider for requests for counsellors who are younger or older.

Our counsellors have a range of skills including Transactional Analysis, CBT, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Talking Therapies, and many others, please ask on application.

Our counsellors have worked with clients from all walks of life and encouraged individuals, couples and families to communicate effectively with each other in order to gain understanding and avoid confusion and conflict. The nature of the work can at times involve some sensitive areas and so confidentiality is a must.

A client can gain in a lot by taking part in counselling and will feel more able to cope with situations that may arise in the future.

The areas we have with clients are self-harm, addiction, conflict resolution, bereavement, dealing with loss, anger management, sexual abuse, and others too numerous to mention, but has included Physical, psychological, financial and emotional abuse. Rape victims, family conflict, and alcohol and drug misuse (legal and illegal)

Our counsellors have also worked in a voluntary capacity with the Guernsey Women’s Refuge, Les Naftiaux community centre and the Guernsey Women’s Aid Group.

To contact Counselling4u call 07781 422181.

About Us

The talking Therapies can help people to cope better with many issues, for example:

For help with any of the above call us on:

 07781 422181